With the birthday weekend fully under way (and no I’m not sad at all since Lil Burs keeps mentioning that it’s my 33rd birthday) I got to do something super fun and silly. Got the family together and met up with some friends to watch a roller derby match.

Okay, the poster looks far more menacing then it should. My good friend Joseph and his boyfriend Benzie kept talking about how much fun they had a month or so ago when they experienced what Drew Barrymore had done in her movie, in real time. (Whip It trailer just in case you don’t remember – good movie btw.) Do you remember Whip It that came out two years ago, where chicks in hot pants were skating around trying to kick each other down. Juliet Lewis’ character was this super kick-ass chic who was totally read to school the new girl. If you thought it was fun watching it on the big screen…get thee to a sporting event quick!

It was SUPER FUN!!!!! Two sets of teams, each scantly clad, try to kick the other teams asses. It was cool to watch and cheer, once you got the rules down, and it even got me thinking that I’d love to get to go round myself. If only I wasn’t turning 33 tomorrow…and my knees weren’t shit…and I didn’t like my teeth so much – I’d so be signing up.

Here’s a quick vid of the rules:

In the game we watched today, the team from Leeds got SLAUGHTERED!  The final score was London Rockin Rollers 177 to Leeds Roller Girls at 31. It was embarrassing for them really but everyone playing took it in kind. There was this player called Mighty Mighty Bush who seriously kicked ass. A slightly round woman who showed everyone to not underestimate her. In the end, she was everyones favorite as she soared around the flat track with ease, not letting anyone get in her way or stopping her. This poor girl kept trying to knock her out of the way and would wind-up making herself fall…everytime. You’d think by the 3rd go she would have learned her lesson. She didn’t.  Saw her during half-time covered in bruises, limping a little but with a smile on her face. Seems like we were all have a kick-ass time.

You really should find some games by you.