We may have only been at the pub for an hour, maybe more, when Dreannan asked ‘So, what are you all going to do next?’

The thing is the event had only just started. Everyone just looked at him, shrugged their shoulders and kept on drinking. I, being my event and all, lobbed some ideas out there – ‘maybe we’ll go bowling or just head back to ours for some dinner?!?’ Which was stupid seeing as how we were all still waiting for lunch to hit the table.

But as a New Yorker, you’re always looking for the next thing. The potentially better thing! Where’s the next party at? What about that other bar I’ve heard so much about? Who’s so and so hanging with and where and can we get on the list?  I remember that incredibly well. But the question that needs to be asked is ‘How long before you adjust or adapt to the new way?’

Dreannan has lived in Europe before. He knows how this goes. When I visited him in Berlin, we went to a party that lasted all night. By hour four, I was ready to move on. Everyone else bunkered in and just kept on drinking and dancing. My inner New York kept thinking that there had to be something else to do…something different…something BETTER! By the time morning rolled around I was jumping out of my skin I wanted to leave so bad.

The way of the Brits is to have an incredibly long and leisure Sunday roast. And now that I’m comfortable here, I’m adapting to their ways. Especially seeing how much I’ve missed girlfriend brunches, I am the number one candidate for Sunday roast; which is why I jumped at the idea when Burs suggested it. And I loved every long, slow moving minute of it. The day was just a pack of cool friends hanging out, eating insanely plentiful roasts and drinking beer (well, cider for me and soda for Lil Burs). It’s the quintessential British lifestyle…here’s hoping Dreannan joins in!