For someone who was concerned about her birthday and getting older – my weekend has been a blast! Smith tells me I’m usually only concerned for about a day before plans are made and then I’m alright. I now agree with that. Once events rolled around and I was kept busy laughing, didn’t even notice I was turning a year older. So…whateves!

Yesterday was the final day of events planned by Burs and it was lovely. We spent the day together (which isn’t that unusual) having a great long afternoon tea and did some shopping (that’s the unusual bit). The tea was at the Palm and is only the second time I’ve done a traditional afternoon tea since moving here (the first was with Stump and I thought about how much she’d have loved to be there too – it is soooo her thing!). And yes, it is exactly as you’ve heard – small finger sandwiches and pastries but, boy they are yummy – with a little sorbet starter (to cleanse the palette) and glass of champagne, which added a little something extra!

So when I went to bed yesterday, I thanked the universe for this very happy birthday and smiled at the idea that I’ve got the year ahead of me before I’ve got to do it again (turn older that is). And then got a little sad because – it’s a whole. other. year. Awww…

Then TADA! A box came in the mail for me. Now, in all fairness, I knew Paler had sent me something but when I opened the box – to my incredible surprise – there were GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! And so as I’m writing this blog (I’ve just woken up – hence the no makeup) I’m sipping a latte and eating Tagalogs…it’s like the party doesn’t stop!!!!


I’ve changed my perspective – birthdays are awesome!!