Walking into Liverpool Street station I came across something that made my mouth fall open:

Yup, Costco. The great fatterfire of America ishas opened in the UK. There are several of them but one has opened up not too far from where I live. Yup, now Brits just like Amercians can get three months supply of coffee, apple pie and cereals. Actually, seeing as how it’s the British a three month supply of tea, sticky toffee pudding and porridge.

But why is this necessary to their way of life? In our flat we simply don’t have the space to hold all that stuff! And yes I am aware that there are other people with larger spaces and bigger homes who probably do, which makes sense for this stuff outside of London but near us…really? My friend Kmith went there the other day and called me raving “I’ve got the largest pie I’ve ever seen! It’s brilliant!” Really is it now?!? I beg to differ…

This country (and Jaime Oliver) prides itself on NOT being as fat as Americans. Whenever they need an example of how obese people live, the camera crews manage to be somewhere in the southern states, asking ‘How did it get this bad?’ It usually gets that bad with McDonalds on every corner and six months supply of chocolate bars, fruit loops and Ben & Jerry’s just a few meters away.

Geez, let me descend my high horse. I’m a big fan of Costco. When my sister was visiting a sent a list of stuff I wanted and was gleeful when I opened up the suitcase and saw all my goodies. Knowing that there was enough to last until I was heading to the states for a visit. I change my mind…Costco is good.

Or maybe I’m more upset at the Americanization of Britain. I moved here for a new feel and different experiences but everywhere I turn Americaness seems to be creeping up on me: Carphone Warehouse brought by Best Buy. Best Buy now opening up stores here. Asda owned by Walmart. Big-ass Whole Foods with lines as long as the ones in Union Square. TK Maxx is just TJ Maxx with a letter changed. And then there’s a Gap on every corner (you can even order online now). When one decides to change countries you hope to immerse yourself in their culture and experience their stores but since all the stores are following me (I know, it’s all because of me) it would seem that I’m losing a part of the experience. What of the independent sellers. Smaller chains with an authentic British feel. I’ll stick to going to Sainbury’s rather than Costco. Thank you very much…

That is, unless, the Costco here are selling proper Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup. If they are, then WELCOME COSTCO!!! Membership please!