My maternal grandmother turned 99 yesterday. Yup, 99!! And to think I complained about turning thirtysomething. I love my gran quite a lot though, due to a language barrier I’m not as close to her as my cousins are. It still astonishes me that we are designed to live such incredibly long and full lives. Especially since she comes from a place where high tech equipments and cutting edge medicine weren’t readily available to her.

MaJacque, as she’s known to all her grandkids, lived nearly her entire life in Haiti. Yes, she had the luxury of being able to come to the main land when she chose to, since all her six of her kids, eventually moved here permanently but she had decided that the home country suited her just fine. That, and the fact, that she couldn’t be bothered to learn english. Until seven years ago, when she realized that age wasn’t on her side anymore and began to plan for death. She figured, it be easier to be here than there when it happened. Which she kept saying was any day…

Jokes on her! I think moving stateside and being surrounded by an ever growing family – she is now a great, great grandmother – keeps her mind active and her will to go on strong. Sure, at some point her body will give way but right now she is still young in spirit and with the sense of humor of her twice her junior. I can honestly see her sticking around for a few more to come.

Apparently she’s gangsta now!