Happy belated Pancake Day!!! Pancake day you ask? Why yes, for some reason in Europe on the day before Ash Wednesday, where in the states we have Mardi Gras, there’s the day of pancakes! Rather than binge on all the crap food and alcohol you can, they’ve narrowed it down to only pancakes.

A day of pancakes…whoo hoo! I love pancakes!! And was needless to say a bit upset when I learned of a day dedicated to pancakes had been missed by moi! Funny enough, so were some of my friends and we decided that we’d just have to plan a celebration a little bit later on. And that day was TODAY!

Aided by the fact that there’s a pancake day was this picture I saw on a blog:

Putting aside the old, slightly racist picture of Aunt Jemima, I wanted some of that!! This picture kinda started the whole thing. You see, I saw this months ago and thought ‘Genius! How is it I’ve never made pancakes like that before?!?’ But when I mentioned it or described it to others, they weren’t as excited as I had been. I mean, pancakes and bacon are like, incestuous clergymen that deserve to be together (hmm, too much?!?) I decided that I’d throw these puppies together for some people and see what they think.

Huge hit people…HUGE!!! First I served plain ole pancakes with a side of bacon (with a lovely simmered plum compote on the side). Gobbled up. Then did two separate stacks: chocolate chip pancakes and bacon flecked pancakes…you’ve never heard such accolades. Ok, rather than using strips I decided to crumple them into the pancakes so they’re evenly distributed. Brilliant! Simply brilliant!!!! And thanks to all that brilliantness…I’m sitting on the couch like a stuffed hog. Content and ready to make pancake day a monthly event.

And maybe, just maybe, if I make these more often I can then become this guy: Jim\’s Pancakes and make incredible pancakes that look like these (though the bacon may way them down):