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One would reason that leather doesn’t cost anymore when it is used for shoes sold in the states versus shoes sold in the UK but my friends, shoes are insanely expensive here.

I happen to be the sort of overly typical woman who owned an insane amount of shoes. Back in my old life, I had them perfectly stacked in clear, plastic cases so I could choose a pair from the 47 that I had in my closest with ease. Yup, I had 47 pairs of shoes (I think, it may have been more). Now in all fairness, that number included boots, trainers and summer sandals but yes, I was a shoe whore. And I loved every inch of them…

Trust me, tears were shed when I had to break down my selection to those that would make it across the pond. The final choices were mostly flats and comfy boots. The heels never stood a chance. I talked myself down from the hysteria with visions of the new super cool unseen styles I had yet to get my hands on that were awaiting my arrival in London.

And there are some amazing shoes here but for the price that you’d pay to have a small cobbler make them using your feet as the model. In your home. At the stroke of midnight. On new years eve. During a solar eclipse.

One would think the bovines were all organic and raised by the gods on Atlantis.

So I’ve been wise (and largely broke). I’ve sucked it up and not brought any new shoes here. Wait, I brought one pair because I needed a pair of heels (on the command of my mom when I started dating here) but other than that I’ve gone without. But I’m heading to the states in two weeks and all I’m dreaming about is shoes-shoes-SHOES!!!!

When I was in New York in October, I made the mistake of not giving myself enough time to shoe shop. I tried finding winter boots in the Macy’s shoe department during Friends and Family AND a one day sale. The Macy’s in herald square (even smart people have stupid moments). That madness, will not happen again. Burs has been made fully aware of the situation because I complain about a lack of footware quite a bit. Clothes. Don’t need anything new. I’m chockful of t-shirts, jeans and under things (ok, I may change my tune if Forever21 has anything cute) but the minute I enter a shoe store I may throw all the cute ones on the floor and just cuddle with them. It’s hard to go from nearly fifty to a mere twelve. It’s…it’s been sooooooooo hard…(sniff sniff).