Recently I’ve met a lot of women who have moved here for love. The love of a partner. And the love of getting out of the states. This isn’t an ‘I hate America’ sort of thing, rather, an ‘I want new experiences’ experience.

Today I met with Butler. A former Californian that I met two weeks back at a networking event. We initially were planning on meeting up to chat about our strategies for looking for work but the majority of our lunch was to chicks chatting about our love lives. Butler had gotten her MA here too, ten years ago. Then lived in Switerland for a bit before returning to the states. A year ago she got an email from an old classmate saying he was visiting LA. Well he visited. They fell for each other and five months worth of dating lead to engagement and plans for her to move back to London. Here she is. They had a small wedding in February but are heading back in May to do it up big time in New Mexico.

The one year anniversary of his trip to LA was three days ago.

It hasn’t been all fairy tales and kisses. She admits that they have spent a small fortune in getting the correct paperwork to the right people so she could get a fiance visa. It’s apparently the only way to get married in this country. The bright side is that she got here in the end. Smith and I have chatted about how the British men waste no time. Our friend Huddelston had a similar experience. American men take note – across the pond, love has no time frame.

Of course there are other stories. For instance that of Piney. Piney’s from New Jersey but went to University in Boston, where she met her girlfriend. After dating for some time, they decided that living in Europe would suit them both and the fact that she’s Polish worked in their favor. That is until they tried to get jobs and move to Spain. Spain wasn’t having that. So instead they decided the UK was just as good, filed the necessary partner paperwork and here they are.

I’m constantly amazed at how many people I’ve met (it’s been more than just the 2 above) who simply wanted to get out of the states. It’s as if we are drawn to each other. And hearing how hard and costly it can be puts a whole new light on the subject. Smith is currently trying to find a job somewhere – anywhere in Europe and it is proving hard. But apparently when it’s done because of love, it helps buffer the sting a bit. Or at least, you’ve got a constant ear to hear the complaints about it.

Another friend Hughes, moved for a guy (and an MA degree) but it didn’t work out and yet now she’s got her Masters, a new place to live and (I’m sure) a truck load of stories to tell. She hasn’t run back to the states which means…it’s all good living aboard!

This is all to say that I’ve got an idea brewing that entails these sorts of stories. I’ve sent out some feeler emails and am waiting to hear back before I unleash this great idea I’ve got. Stay tuned…