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Musical instruments. Paints. Cameras. Clay.

These are the items that decorate the inside of my flat. I consider it the Burs own artist commune. When first joining them, there were days where they’d go from drawing to painting to playing the piano to making clay figures to beating on a tambourine to making origami to playing a banjo then changing their mind and realizing they’d rather the ukulele. Granted most of the stuff done was by the hands of Burs. Lil Burs has developed a love of jewelry making and clothing design. I was standing in an oasis of creativity.

All I do is write.

I’d feel bad when the kid would want me to join in crafts time. But clay isn’t my thing (hate getting my hands dirty), painting expressionist modern art crap was last decade and I’d tried to get her onto the side of writing. Poetry! She’d exclaim and I’d hit my head on the table because I don’t poetry. But I swear I am creative.

I have given some of those things a try back in the day. Two years ago I went whole hog and got a charcoal set which sadly was used only to do really ugly scenic scenes. How many times can one person draw a tree with charcoal before getting bored. Four is the answer. Just four and then the charcoal sits on the shelf collecting dust. I honestly believe that the drawing talent went to my brother who squandered it away.

But aside from writing, I secretly aspire to be an illustrator. This aspiration started when I began to read Garance Dore‘s blog. A fashion photographer and illustrator, her drawings are beautiful. Then Burs and his iPad began to illustrate pics of the family and I grew envious (he too is a man of many talents). Making me decide to give it a go. I’m basically using free hand to get her technique down before branching out on my own style. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t any sort of a career change. Personally, I’ve done enough of that but just another creative outlet. Once I’ve mastered that I’ll try my hands at the guitar again. I need to become one with my artist surroundings.