I’ve currently clocked ten emails from jobs that I’ve applied to where I’ve been told “Thank you for your interest but currently you don’t fit the criteria.” I’ve inquired for two volunteer gigs where I’d be helping teach kids to love writing. Currently neither are in need of my services. About five sets of recruiters are all fervently seeking work for me.  And I’ve attend countless networking events that have lead to a few friendships but not much else.

Welcome to my job search.

Luckily I’m not alone. Most of my former classmates haven’t found anything either. And if the crowd at tonight’s networking event is any indication – jobs are scarce. It’s that or it was a room full of people who don’t know anyone worth knowing. Actually I’m wrong, there’s one woman from my class who currently has a film in post-production and a TV show being shopped around. But she’s married to a gazillionaire who gave her the money to start her own production company.

All of us mere mortals are still pounding the pavement.

My mom swears that if I just got on bended knee, the heavens would open up and a job would materialize. If that were to happen I’d rather Jesus come down and buy my script off me instead. Luckily I’m not that naive. Instead I’ll keep spending Mondays and Fridays on job watch and keep an eye up on the sky just in case.