This morning I got this courtesy of Daily Candy:

party of one!

Always a bridesmaid and never a bride?

Commit yourself to Party of One, an event organizing company launching today that finally gives you your time in the spotlight.

The pleasure of your company will be requested at a wedding celebration in your honor — showering you with some much-needed attention after years of demanding brides, expensive gifts, torturous hen nights and painful speeches.

Available to single women over the age of 35 (younger women with exceptional circumstances will also be considered), this modern service includes a gift registry, white dress, portrait photographer, flowers, band, DJ and three-tier cake.

Not sure how your friends and family will react? A team of supportive planners are on hand to help you make decisions (wedding related or otherwise) and double as attendants if your pals are unwilling.

The best part (besides the gifts)? When all is said and done, you won’t be serving a wife sentence.

For more information, go to

WTF? I fell over laughing. I laughed soooo incredibly hard my stomach cramped up. Outside of a Lifetime movie, I didn’t think people really did this sort of thing. But if you were, couldn’t you just plan it on your own? Do you really need to hire a company to plan it for you? (Burs made notes that at the bottom, it says, that they’ll be your attendants if needed. So really you’re hiring them to be your friends. Which is exactly what you’d need after telling them this looney idea.)

There was an old school chum of mine that had planned on marrying her best friend. Her gay best friend. All in the hopes of being adored and given gifts for the day. She exclaimed it on Facebook; she also wrote a long blog post about it. And what I discovered (and I’m sure she did to) was that people, over all, weren’t thrilled or excited for her. At least not once she explained to people that she hadn’t met the love of her life but rather was simply folding her cards. Taking the easy way out and expecting gifts in return. In most part they were…what’s the word I’m thinking of. Oh, yes, pitying is the word I’m looking for. (And I’m thinking away from FB the term crazy may have been thrown around but I can’t say definitely on that one.)

“Oh, but I love him and he loves me and since he can’t get married and I’ve never met anyone who has wanted to marry me we figured – why not? You know?!? Because it is, after all, based on love. It’ll be great and we’ll get registered at Macy’s and blahblahblah…”

Really?!? She thought people were going to cheer for her; run out to stores and pick up pricey gifts to celebrate that?!? Needless to say, a month or so later, she had removed the ‘engaged’ note from Facebook and dreams of a wedding were dashed. A year or so later, her ‘almost husband’ is in a committed relationship with a man. She is still single…and everything is as it should be.

If you’re a woman and still single by the time you’re in your thirties, you’ve most likely flinched at the announcement of another friend getting married. And calculated how much money has been spent on gifts, parties, planning and attending such blessed events. But you’re not getting back at anyone by simply getting married to yourself. And what does marrying yourself even mean? The whole concept just has my mind reeling. It doesn’t make sense. The idea of a company trying to pray on insecure minded women by trying to convince them that doing this is trendy or acceptable, is just cruel.

Your day will come. It’s a statement I’ve heard (as I’m sure any single woman has) and you’ve got to believe in that. If it doesn’t, throw yourself a big ass 35 (or 40 or 43…whatever) birthday party instead. Rent a hall, hire a DJ and even wear a white dress…far more exceptable when labeled a birthday party and you’ll still get the gifts plus adoration without any one pulling out the crazy card. Which stands for a far more enjoyable night. Trust me!

Update: It just occurred to me that it’s April fools day and that this may be a hoax. Pretty good one! I fall for them all the time. At least it gave me something to write about today so I got it done earlier than usual. Whoo hoo!! Let my Friday begin…