Knowing that Lil Burs is so creative I decided to surprise her with something she’s been asking for. As I’ve stated before, she’s quite the artist; being keen on painting, drawing, sculpting, jewelry making, designing and sewing. She’s been asking for a sewing machine since I’ve been around. But I already know that whenever she’ll have a question about it, she’ll turn to the two adults in her life and we’ll both look at her with blank looks in our eyes.

Sewing lessons. I figured before plunking down cash on a machine of her own that it be wise to get her to start in on lessons first. That way she’d get comfortable on a machine first and it wouldn’t be too much for her once there was one at home. Sure, she’d still have questions but we could get her to think about her past experiences which would help in figuring a solution. Seemed like a flawless plan.

So I planned it as a surprise! In my mind, I figured she’d walk into a room full of sewing machines and other girls her age and squeal with delight. I was wrong! Lil Burs is a girl with questions. LOADS of questions. And what I now know is if she doesn’t get answers, she becomes wary. By the time we got to the school, her spirit was down. And when we rounded the corner where loads of parents and girls were crowded – girls she didn’t know – she wasn’t keen at all. As we neared and I told her what it was, she turned to her Dad and said “I don’t want to stay.”


She has sewn puppet after puppet. She made a special iPad holder for her dad. The stuff teddy bear I got her for Christmas has a full three-piece suit. And yet the idea of staying there on her own… brought tears to her eyes. Ahhh, I had done wrong. I was slightly crestfallen and accepting the idea that I don’t really know her at all. Luckily the woman who runs the studio was amazing! She swept her up and asked two other little girls if they remembered how they felt that first time they were there. Both answered scared…she wasn’t alone. Then off she was by a machine, still giving me sad eyes but seeming a bit better as other girls began chatting to her.

In the end, she loved it! But how silly of my to forget how hard it is to be thrown into a situation. A room full of people you don’t know, all doing something you aren’t sure of. It’s one thing when everyone is new to it but it’s another when you realize it’s just you. She’s a far cry from liking to be surprised in such a fashion…Lesson learned!