This picture was taken today. In London. Where it was 57 degrees. Yup, people in the UK think summer has arrived.

When Lil Burs asked if we she could go swimming I told her that there’s no way (I said no with such conviction) that a pool would already be open on the 3rd of April. We’d be going to the museum instead. A few minutes later my Icelandic friend – Ludviksdottir – called to say that she and a friend were headed to the pool and wanted to know if we’d want to come.

Color me dumb! Off we went and though the picture doesn’t show it it was pretty freakin full for an April day. Of course, you must realize that this is a land where it doesn’t get much hotter than 60 degrees in the middle of summer. So, you know, go swimming whenever the sun makes an appearance. Or at least that was what I was told. I sat and watched in amazement. My parents live in Florida and they won’t step anywhere near water till at least the beginning of June (but then again we’re Caribbean people).

I’ve since spoken to some American friends (all black, mostly Caribbean) and they all laughed their asses off. None of them could believe that people, of any nationality, would deem it hot enough to go swimming. (Ok, actually they figured the Icelandic people got a pass but everyone else was simply crazy!) Then they asked what was I doing, as the little one enjoyed her time beneath (mild) sun and (preheated) water? I sat beside the pool in jeans and a sweater keeping a watchful eye on her while judging everyone else that was in the pool. Then quietly laughed as the sky grew overcast and people began fleeing in shivers…complaining that it was cold. Seriously?!?