I’m unfocused today. Didn’t make it out of the flat but tried really hard to focus on several different projects – job search, creation of new characters, project outline and writing assignment. I got through a few of them but seriously I could have done more. I’ve sat with a hoodie on head, hunched over the computer all day.

All that to say that I’ve nothing to say today. Sure, I’ve gotten loads of info thrown at me and I’ve committed to writing everyday but I’ve got nothing. Tomorrow I’ll write about the excitement that Smith will be in Paris for a month. CONGRATS Smith!!!! Or that (nearly) all my plans for my trip to the states with Burs (I can’t wait to hug my nephews) have been updated. But right now I’m going to continue to be privately entertained by the chaotic movement of thoughts pinging around my mind and hope that it will be all settled by tomorrow. Here’s hoping!