A funny thing happened today. I went to meet Butler for coffee and job searching at Southbank but got there early. So I scanned the room, found a seat and walked by a group of people who all looked up and gazed at me. Not unusal in it self, seeing as people always tend to look up when someone enters a room; maybe they thought I was joining them. Anywho, I dropped my jacket to secure some seats and as I walked by them again I heard one of them say “Yea, I think she was in that show? Oh wow!”

Um, what, excuse me? I smiled as I returned with coffee in hand and two of them nodded and went back to talking. ‘Wait, but what show do you think I’m in?!?’ is what I spent a good chunk of my time thinking.

And then it all came rushing back to me – 2003. In 2003 (and for a while there after) while working a series of random jobs, many of them in bars or restaurants, at least four to ten people a night would stop and say “OH MY GOD. Yous looks likes that chic from that comedy thing on the funny network.” Translated from drunk talk “OMG, you look like Aisha Tyler from Talk Soup.”

On the left – Aisha circa 2005. On the right – Me circa 2005 (the breakouts a gift of two many late nights)

I don’t see it. I’ve never seen it! Her slimmer face and her um, narrower (medically given) nose. The constant comparisons haven’t happened since she stopped doing Talk Soup and became an actress. So could it be that this group of young people thought I was she? Highly unlikely but that makes me ask what or rather who they were referring to when they stopped and stared? Hmmm…

Which leads me to also wonder whether there’s a new actress on the UK scene that I may resemble in some form? There’s an entire theatre culture that I’m not a part of currently, so who knows?

Actually there’s a slew of TV shows that I’m not even watching. I need to get in and people on doppelganger watch. Or, maybe it isn’t all about that at all and they just liked the super cute top I had on today. I’ve got to go back to the Southbank more often.

Not a bad person to look like, I know.