So I’m beginning to visualize what I should pack for my two weeks in the states and am faced with a problem. Let us look at today: in London it was 74 degrees; DC 65 degrees; NYC 55 degrees; Florida 80 degrees. Each state is in different seasons apparently. And the thing is, it could completely change on a day to day basis. How does someone pack for this madness?!?

That aside, I’m so f-ing excited. Granted I was in the states in October but that was under different circumstances and not all that enjoyable. Packing up a life, isn’t fun for anyone. This on the other hand  – it’s like Christmas. Christmas wrapped in new clothes being handed to me by Oprah who’s walking on a rainbow. I am doing my best to hold it together. If you could hear the voice inside my head as I write this; it’s the voice as high as a strung-out valley girl. Calm down Mlle Pierre…calm down.

Add to that the fact that I got good news in email form today. I applied for this mentorship program and have been offered an interview for it. The date for said interview was suppose to be on the 15th. Crap! I won’t be around and began beating myself up for planning trips in the middle of my career building search. When I applied, they explicitly stated when the interviews would take place but then shifted it, causing it to land while I’d be away. I sent a very humble email telling them that I wouldn’t be around but really really really wanted a chance and – ta da – they rescheduled it for me. So I’m still in!! And this may just be the thing that sets off everything else!

Man, my cheeks hurt.