So you get up and ponder whether today will be the day that I’ll see the job of my dreams? You plunk yourself down before your computer and prepare yourself for hours of droning through websites devoted to helping you reach your goal. Many of these sites, in an attempt to help you, will ask that you ad criteria to a job seeking updates. You do this and hope that this will save you time in your search. ‘I won’t need to look, *random site name* will just find the right job for me. Perfect! Sure its the lazy way out but for a brief minute as you struggle to see because your eyes have dried out due to the four hours of staring at the pixelated screen before you…any lie is like an ice cream cone on a sunny day.

Don’t be fooled because in most instances this is the sort of stuff that you’ll get:

Dear JobSeeker ,
Output Producer (based in Doha & London)Location: Based in Doha & London

Salary: A highly competitive and attractive salary and benefits package will be offered.

The successful candidate will be assigned to create news stories for inclusion in rolling 24-hour news. He/she will be asked to write scripts, exercising editorial judgment and adhering to Al Jazeera guidelines

Please note that living in London so many of the jobs that I see posted are for positions that would take you to the middle east. Now, this job doesn’t pertain to what my career outlook (or what I wrote for my updates though the term producer is used) but I get about a dozen of these notices sent to my inbox a week. It’s usually an incredibly well-paying job, in some far off location, where languages I couldn’t begin to understand are. But you must go through all the listing lest you miss the one golden ticket!!!

All this to wonder, where is my job fairy? Because these searches is getting old…