This is the thirty day mark! I’ve posted a blog a day for 30 days (ok, not really – minus two days but one was my b-day so I figure I was allowed). I’m glad I did it and I’m just as glad to be stopping. Heading to the states in the morning I’m sure I’ll have loads to write about but don’t want to feel like I must. It’s back to life as usual. Until I give myself the challenge again that is.

So, I’m all packed. Checked in. Fridge cleared. Flat (slightly) tidied. And staring at the computer screen because I’m too pumped to fall asleep. Not so much excited about the flight tomorrow. Rather beginning to ponder all the things that need to get accomplished once I’m back. The final touches for the short film I’ve wanted to shoot have been put into place. The date marked and ready to go. I’ve got the interview for the mentorship program. A meeting set up with a friend to start outlining a comedy TV show idea I’ve had for a while. And potentially by then the volunteer program I applied for will be calling. The wheels are turning and I’ve got to make sure to not forget all the projects in the air while on holiday. Still need to keep my eyes on the prize.

Luckily I’ll be chomping down on some chicken and biscuits while I plan all that out.