Conversation overheard on tube:

Girl 1: So the party was crazy ya?

Girl 2: Not so much, bunch a people from work. But Jerry brought this mate of his.

Girl 1: Was he fit?

Girl 2: Oh, yea and his accent. Suppa!

Girl 1: From where? Not France, because they sound so stupidly posh.

Girl 2: Nah. He’s from the states. Oye, sounded super sexy like.

If you’re from the states, you hold the golden ticket. Your accent is just that. I’m amazed how many times I hear people refer to our accents as: interesting or sexy. It baffles me but, you know, whatever floats your boat. After all, I think french accents are super but most Brits I meet think the french, over all, are twats (and those accents do nothing for them).

Overall, people always stop me mid-conversation to inquiry where I’m from (answer is ALWAYS New York – never America) to which, after said person tells my about how much fun they had while there on holiday, asks why am I here (this makes them think I’m daft because I could be in New York but have willing chosen the stay in London), they turn to discuss the accent. It’s almost always a love of it. My generic accent. And how they prefer mine over, what many of them see as more typical, the southern or mid-western accents. If you can put up with all of that nonsense and are looking for an easy ride then take your American accent (provided it isn’t southern or mid-western) to the UK.

The most perfect example of this I watched in a reality show the other night.  It’s called Dinner Date and has a great premise. A single person picks three blind dates based on the menus of five potential suitors, who want to woo him/her by cooking for that person (nothing like a free meal, eh?). The cameras film the goings-on and you get to watch magic happen (though in most cases, it’s more of a crash and burn). In the last episode labeled – Christine, a young British girl is looking for love, picks menus, puts on her sexiest dresses and highest FMP and sets off.

In watching this episode it wasn’t hard to know who she was going to pick to see again. The first guy though tall and a full head of hair made the mistake of parting his hair in the middle (this is never a good look for any man). The second guy Christine was keen on with the exception that he seemed a little short (she was in super high heels and he was barefoot). The guy could have stood a chance if guy number three hadn’t been chosen. Suitor three was American. And the minute he opened the door and said hello – it was over! (He was also very frat-boyish attractive so that may have helped too.) The amount of giggles from the minute he said hello was unreal. And when the camera pulled her aside and asked how things were going, the first thing she said was “His accents so sexy!” He could have given her a poptart for dinner – it wouldn’t have mattered. That is the power of the accent!