For the last two weeks, all I’ve done is sing this song and smile to myself. I finally get it! Mind you, I’ve always found this commercial funny. And when this ad first started airing, in 1992, I was still school age myself, dreading the start of another school term. But now, I smile – big, huge, massive smiles because it’s almost here…THE START OF ANOTHER TERM!!!

Which means the lil girl in my life goes back to school!

Now, it isn’t that I don’t adore her. Let me say it again, I. ADORE. HER. but anyone who’s been around a kid everyday knows that they aren’t getting the level of social interaction they would like to have when not in school. At least, that’s how I’ve reasoned it in my mind (truth is, she exhausts me. I don’t think I had anywhere near her level of energy when I was her age).

And so, the dream of school starting has kept me sane. Secretly, I’ve been ticking the days off in my head. Remembering last term when an exhausted lil Burs would shuffle into the flat, and crash head first onto the couch. When asked how her day at school was, a one word answer squeaked from her lips ‘fine’ because, I presume, she had spoken so much during the day she was all out of words. Dinner and a half-hour bath later, she’d finally find the strength to talk to us.

Ah, those were the days…added bonus, she’s starting secondary school (junior high for you American folks) which means all the newness is an exciting time for her too. So unlike the kids dragging their feet in the commercial, lil Burs is actually excited (but hiding it very well, after all, she’s nearly a teenager).

It’s been officially a year since I met lil Burs. And I’ve found that I’ve easily fallen into complete caretaker/non-biological mommy mode. I find that a large portion of all my conversations either begin or end on the topic; figuring out my place, what I can or cannot say, what I definitely shouldn’t say and the changes that can actually be made (if any at all). Plus not stomping on her relationship with her dad (which is super close), letting them have space and time on their own too, while trying not to seem too over-powering while letting her know/learn that I care and am a part of her life.

This is hard y’all!

So, in light of a new school year starting, I’ve revamped this blog to reflect this aspect of my life. I’ve hinted at some of this in a few posts here and there but that isn’t really doing it justice, hence the name change. It’s still me writing about my life but I won’t be holding back on all the thoughts I have about this new role. Here’s to hoping I find others that can relate, find humor in it or offer guidance.

Oh and I’m NEVER to be referred to as step-mother. It is non-biological mom please. Or cool-chick caretaker. Or apparently nanny as some have referred to me (but that’s a later discussion). Let’s just stick to my name until I’ve found a more suitable title…shall we?!?