Summer vacation. With all that’s going on in our lives, we didn’t think we’d get one. In the end, there’s only so much you can put on your wallet in a year. Mentally, Burs and I figured we simply wouldn’t be able to do a proper holiday this summer.

This plan worked for us but what of lil Burs. We felt that she was being duped a proper summer holiday. After all, last year her and her dad traipsed all around national parks in the US. To go from that to nothing – seemed a bit harsh.

I told Burs that he and the lil one should go away without me (since I’m still hindered by visa issues) but he protested that this should be our FIRST family holiday together. So I braced myself and we planned to find something or someplace in the UK that we’d both find suitably bare able.

But summer vacation is suppose to have sun, sand and relaxation…where were we going to find all that in the UK?

So we sat down and began looking. All with one main criteria – they’re must be other kids around lil Burs age that she could hangout with (because, and trust me, you’d like a bit of your sanity. I remember begging my parents to come with me on roller coaster rides when on vacations. Rides they’d rather die before ever getting on to. It is best to surround kids around people that have similar interests to them). The first set of plans were these family resort communities that resembled the Poconos in Pennsylvania. But a little more…um…lower rung. Center Parcs. After looking at the pictures, I thought it be hilarious, Burs thought it would be the death of him. A no go in the end.

Then I began to search for amusement park resorts. Something like Busch Gardens or Great Adventure combined with Sea World (or Euro Disney, just in the UK) would be fun for us all (and tire the lil one out daily). I was then reminded that this is not America and such things don’t really exist here. Ah, but then I was told about Legoland! Yes, LEGOLAND!!! Which wouldn’t be the least bit relaxing or enjoyable for the us but would bring a smile to lil Burs face. Ok, not a full smile but at least some level of enjoyment…maybe…if we’re lucky…and she’s in a good mood on that day and doesn’t think everything there is completely childish. Damn it puberty!!!!! (I will be saying this a lot over the next seven years, to be sure.)  When we thought about the hours of our lives lost in lego land, we nixed the idea.

When the suggestion of heading to the beach resort section of the UK fell from Burs’ lips, I thought he was having a laugh – you know, ‘let’s see the silly New Yorker fall for this’ kind of thing. As if there’s an actual beach resort here. However, he was being serious. There is somewhere in the UK that gets sun. I know, I couldn’t believe it either but Cornwall is a mixture of Atlantic City or the Jersey Shore without any of the casinos, amusement rides or fake Italians.  So basically beach, surfers, lots of fudge shops and ugly t-shirts reminding you of your time spent there.

Burs searched and found a cute hotel that had a newly created spa/gym/indoor pool area. We were interested. When we called and found out that it was five minutes from the beach, our interest peaked. When we decided to book a room and were told that they only had one left – a family room that had two separate bedrooms, we were intrigued. Then they said that the second bedroom had bunk beds. We were sold!

We decided to head to St. Ives, Cornwall and I must say – It. Is. Beautiful. Stunning really – palm trees and all. Of course, I haven’t seen a beach in months so…bare with me. As our train brought us closer to our destination, the ocean views throughout Cornwall were truly lovely and where we stayed – even lovelier.

And about that room with the bunk beds. We decided rather than hoping that there’d be kids lil Burs age around (that she’d actually want to talk to), we’d insure it. So with the room and dates booked, we sent a text to one of her closest friends parents (the kid that we think it the nicest, sweetest, non-screamy-ist) and asked if she’d like to come along. Needless to say her parents jumped at the chance. They were thrilled. We were thrilled. The girls were thrilled.

Best decision we’ve ever made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall, our four days away were exactly what we needed; for the adults a respite from city life wrapped up in cool, sandy breezes which was exactly what the soul ordered. For the lil ones, a small town where they could act like they’re older, giggle a lot, dig themselves in sand and chat about whatever it is that they chat about for four uninterrupted days. And no, it wasn’t Justin Beiber, Gossip Girl, Lady Gaga and more boy talk rather it was last years school trip, Dr. Who, Harry Potter and how much they like fudge (ah, pre-teenness is wonderful).

Would it have been better if we had gotten to go to Portugal or Turkey (like we had really, really wanted) no doubt! But we made due with what we had and, in the end, we all got want we most wanted from a family holiday; Burs got to not look at his phone or computer, I got to sit around, cuddled up drinking wine or cider peacefully while lil Burs got to talk non-stop about all the things she loves, to someone who understood and cared about everything she was saying. And then, when we all bored of that, we’d sit together and talk or play a game and have the family time that this trip was intended to give us. A win/win for all!!