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Growing up in the US, you’re told where eggs come from – chickens. But you don’t really give it much thought beyond that. Yes, what you crack into a frying pan and then cover with salt & pepper, cheese or, once done, ketchup – was once almost a small cute, little yellow chickadee. I’m sure if we dwelled on it too much, you’d never enjoy – what I consider to be the best hangover cure around – because of its near level of grossness. Perhaps that’s one of the first steps to becoming a vegetarian.

Anyway, I’ve been very happy living in this little charade. The one where I pretend that eggs are just these things that come from no where special. Instead, they just magically are. A fairy or stork just brings them…to the supermarkets in lovely cartons. These fairy stork leprechauns are even kind enough to give you the option of six or twelve, brown or white, organic or regular. These magical beings know how much I like options!

But then I moved to the UK. Where unbeknownst to me, who was excitedly going to make cake for the family, opened up the cartoon of eggs only to have feathers fly out at me. Feathers. WTF? Why are there feathers on my eggs?!? Why didn’t the fairy stork leprechauns make them all, shiny and not connected to chickens in anyway, like they’ve done before. Who do I lodge my complaint to? Santa claus? Tooth fairy? Rainbow?

I’ve since been told, after sharing this crazy episode with others, that in the UK they want you to know where your food comes from. They think it’s important that you are aware that, if you’re going to consume eggs, you’re consuming an actual chickens egg. Why, oh why?!? Methinks they simple couldn’t give a rats ass on making sure they removed any and all indications about where these items have come from.

It took me several minutes of staring at said feathers in wonderment before just heading to the sink and rinsing off said eggs. But since then – there’s a moments pause before making the choice to have eggs. Damn them and my love of eggs over easy!!! This is one I must give to the US. Though I’ve watched my fair share of food documentaries, where I side with the people who do things all organic, holistic and healthy, I still don’t want feathers flying out at me. And yes, I watched Food Inc. I’m aware of what Tyson is doing to the chickens but still…me no want feathers.