Currently my life is all about one thing. I’m amazed that I can spend so much time thinking, staring at and reading about one subject. And that subject is weddings. Which has finally helped me realize how some rationally minded woman eventually turn into the scariest people you’d ever cross paths with.


Yes, I’m the sort of person who envisioned having a wedding at a very young age. But in all those dreams,  I had minions to do my bidding and fetching. I’d also be near my mom – who would have been far more spry than she is now – who would have been searching for all my requests. I remember when she planned my cousins wedding nearly twenty years ago. She hardly broke a sweat. It’s the event she’s been prepping for  her whole life. Ok, correction – my whole life. But alas, I’m in London and she’s in Florida. Money is a concern and the event is happening nearly 5,000 miles away from me. At a place I’ve never seen.

But it was all my choice. Burs and I wanted to be in the warmth with beach beneath our feet . We wanted our closest loved ones to not have to take a vacation to potentially rainy London but to a certifiable sunny place. Did you know American wallets automatically get lighter the minute you step foot onto British soil. I swear! I didn’t want family to feel robbed by simply disembarking from a plane. The choice for Dominican Republic just made sense. I was fraught with nerves when Burs and I made the decision but we decided we’d make it work for us.

Once the choice of a resort was made, I sat back and rested. I nothing but time in my favor. Plus, the newsletter the resort sends you talks about making all the major choices for entrees to decor three days before the wedding. Easy Peasy! If only I still had those nearly 300 days to go before me…

Now that I’m 68 days closer to the day, I’ve got loads of planning to do. That whole just do it all three days before has left my mindset. Decisions need to be made and we need to figure out what we like. Questions are being asked that I don’t have answers to. I’m asking questions that aren’t being answered.  Which has lead me to order decorations for the ceremony, on my own. Yup, no minions because they cost money (and the free ones are in America). Waiting till I get to DR seems to dicey. One nightmare of me being at the resort and them not being able to get the sort of centerpieces I want was enough to get me into action (another nightmare where they could get me what I wanted but it would cost a zillion dollars because it had to be flown in from Timbuktu was another). Oy, the stress of it all!

But I’m plowing through…through loads of sites online, magazines, forums – the lot! Martha Stewart and I should be best friends, I’ve combed through her site so much. The other brides on the best destination forum are like sisters, we talk so much; online and via emails. I’ve gone through so many pictures of the resort, it kinda feels like I work there now. Just joined Pinterest and have been glued to images of beautifully imagined purple themed receptions. Oh and the pictures where cash seemed to flow freely from the faucet – amazing! I know it all, backwards and forwards, because it is all I’m doing these days. The house is a slight mess. My fitness plan has disappeared. Writing – those stories aren’t going to write themselves but have been put on the shelf, nonetheless. With the calendar ticking away, it’s just wedding, wedding, wedding! I wonder how it will all get done.

Of course, it’s the doubting that’s taking up so much time. Every time I decide on a setup, I’m thrilled!!! Then I go on to discover another site and BOOM a whole new idea has emerged and I’m trying to figure out where to procure all the necessary pieces to make that happen. And how can I incorporate them together. And afford them all. Then when I finalize on something, I must comparison shop the hell out of it all because I refuse to over pay for anything…after all I am my mothers child. Then I have to figure out how to  transport it to the DR without it breaking. So the gorgeous 25in. vases are out of the question. Next! I’ve since decided to be all DIY about somethings but I’ve never DIY’d anything in my life. Yes, I’m not alone in this – the Mister has a say and is vocal in what he wants. But once he’s hit picture number 50 of vases, it’s fair to say, he’s had enough. And even I can’t believe I’ve looked through 50 pages of vases. I’ve also changed my mind on napkin rings four times. Usually someone who knows exactly what I want and when, Burs doesn’t know what to do with the new, indecisive me.

So, this is what I’m up to. I’m waiting to morf into the crazy ass bitches you see on all those Lifetime themed bridal shows. It’s only a matter of time. Though I’m still of the conscience mindset to know that this event, is simply that, an event. One great event out of many I’ve had and plan on having but with someone by my side. I’ve handled the news that quite a few of my closest friends and family won’t be coming, incredible well. Ok, I had one meltdown but as time grows near and decisions must be made quickly the transformation may happen. And I just think everyone should be forewarned. That is all…