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I purposefully tried to stay away from the topic of weddings and getting hitched on here because that isn’t and wasn’t what I was all about. I’m not the sort of person who ran around screaming THIS IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! Thank the universe and figured transitioning back to a normal life would be easy-peasy.

On my return from DR, I found that the first plan of action was to resume the life I had before the wedding was all I thought about. I pulled up outlines from stories I had done. And discovered the last update was November 1st. What the?!? Here I was thinking I had been sensible enough but I got consumed. I hadn’t looked at an outline since November. Oh well…

So I sat back down before my computer and began to get myself back into writing mode. I would make the written word my bitch! But then no sooner did I start opening webpages then would random ads pop-up. You know what happens – you go into your gmail and the targeted ads speak to the content of your emails. Or on Facebook, the sidebar of ads do the same. So basically, though I was married and ready to move on with my future – everything else was still talking about the past. All the Facebook ads were asking me to click on perfect wedding shoes or amazing photographers. Gmail was still giving me links to florists and wedding dress shops. My yahoo emails were still pouring in from my registry courtesy of Macy’s. Why were they lurring me in?

So I closed my computer and decided I’d work with pen and paper for a while. Great idea, the write word is lost after all! Until I sat down on the couch and from the corners of my eyes, all around me were the remnants of wedding planning not yet removed: wedding magazines, random pieces of craft (from the pinwheels and cone making), receipts, ribbons – the works!

The realisation that one cannot move on without a good cleaning of house smacked me square in the face.

And so, the last month has been me going over every square millimeter of space to make sure that I can officially move on from weddingness. It isn’t easy. Largely because you think you can incorporate certain things into your everyday life. But instead, what I’ve found is that it leads into a big black hole. You’ll wind up being that person who has been married for six years but is still looking at wedding dresses just in case you choose to do a vow renewal in another four years (or you know, upgrade).

Take for instance – Pinterest. This little website was quite the saving grace. Once I discovered it, I spent endless amounts of hours perusing the site liking and repining all things wedding. Oh, and Etsy. The things I found on that site – our wedding bands, my I Do stickers, hankie for my dad, a Mrs Burs hanger (I never got) – there were oodles of super cute wedding finds to be found on both those sites. However, now that the day is done, I find that I’m still scrolling through wedding stuff being sad about the things that I didn’t find in time. And as I almost repined a picture of super cute short wedding dress, I realised that the madness had to end  THERE AND THEN!

Which leads me to the activity of cleaning house. Therapeutic – yes. But equally sad too. The apartment is now void of nearly everything wedding. As is my computer. Which means I’m officially married…sniff sniff. I’ve unbookmarked Pinterest and Etsy, until I’ve completely moved on and find shoes, nail polish and dresses pretty and interesting purely based on the wearability for everyday life. I think in two months time, I’ll be able to use the site and not look at things wedding related. Until then I’m resuming my other interests like writing and am back on Jezebel like I should be.

And doing my best to avoid anything having to do with cute babies and the like. Because THAT I am sooo not ready for. Listen clearly mom not ready for it at all!