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Have you ever had the pleasure to see the sky cascaded in amazing colors? Ever been entranced by the beauty of the dance between the clouds moving across the sky? Stared longingly as the sun falls to slumber?

Since moving to London, I have been a witness to some amazing sunsets. Really, different skyhappenings. The sunsets are just the most breathtaking.

Which is something I can’t imagine not getting to see these. I mean, having lived too long in a city where buildings block any view of the sky, you imagine the sun just disappears at night. But here, the flourish of colors, the movement of the clouds – it is all so beautiful. And should be seen by every one (if you’re lucky).

So now, when the sky aluminates in bright purples, reds, blues, I do my best to capture the images and share it with people. Hopefully, you fall for their amazingness too.