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Have you ever had the experience where you make a decision to not eat chocolate cake? There’s really no reason behind your decision, other than you’ve thought about it and decided that it just doesn’t suit you.

You play through the benefits of not eating chocolate cake. After all, there’s the weight gain. And that fact that you could consume far more healthy snacks, if you don’t partake in chocolate cake.

You’re proud that you’ve made such a sound decision. And believe you are a stronger person for it.

Then the next day, you wake up with chocolate cake on your mind. Which is silly because there’s no chocolate cake in your apartment. You figure, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you and shake it off.

You’ve plans for your day. So you get up and out. But no sooner have you left your ‘no chocolate cake’ zone, do you begin to see chocolate cake everywhere. People are snacking on it on the bus. Or having it in cafes. Buying it at local stores. It almost feels like someone has decided to throw a chocolate cake parade. You’re left wondering How did I miss this memo?

Apparently, the rest of the world has decided that it is chocolate cake day.

You decide solitude is needed. And retreat back to the safety of your apartment. After all, there’s no chocolate cake there.

Once inside, you get comfortable. Enjoying this chocolate cake free zone, sit back and go on-line. But now, the entire internet is cake happy. There are adverts for it. Jezebel’s written four articles about it. And Facebook is abound with pictures of it; some thick and gooey, others lean and unadorned.

You close the computer. But the damage is done. Now all you can think about is chocolate cake. Your reasons for deciding not to have it seem ridiculous. I mean, everyone else is having it! Surely, it’ll be just as good for you too.

You decide to do a pro/con list on the topic of chocolate cake. Five seconds in, you ditch the idea because pro/con lists never work. You dig deep to find the resolve you had just the day before.

You dig really, really, really deep. Because it’s in there somewhere.

And just as you’re happy with yourself, for rediscovering your inner strength. A smell wafts in from somewhere. You think it’s upstairs but you cannot be sure. It cradles you. Bringing you right back to where you were before – desiring chocolate cake again. Though unsure whether you should have it because this might just be a fit of fancy. I may decide to have the cake and after that first bit, decide that I was crazy to want such a thing. But when you look at other peoples chocolate cake…it looks so damn inviting.

The indecision continues…