Back as a kid, did you have a special cabinet in the dining room that stored precious plates and cutlery that were only honored for usage during special occasions? The birth of Jesus. The death of Jesus. And the like?

So when I it was time to register for gifts, before I was married, the Mister and I decided we wanted none of that nonsense. He too, had had the same experience and we deemed ourselves cooler than that. Added with the fact that we don’t own a big house with enough space to have the massive oak case that one needs to store precious pieces of glassware in. And time is far too precious for me to ever polish another knife or tea pot in this lifetime (trust me, I did it all as a child).

Earlier this week I got seven boxes worth of pots, pans, plates, cutlery and all manners of house-ware goods. All those gifts given have finally found there way across the pond to me. It was like Christmas!! Lil Burs delighted herself with ripping boxes open and announcing “Mikasa glass bowl!” and “Another Mikasa bowl”. Until she got bored announcing it and moved back to the TV. Which then gave me peace to figure out where I planned on putting all of this stuff.

But the plan is to use it all. So out with the old Ikea glassware and John Lewis pans and in with Le Crueset and, as stated already, all that Mikasa.

It took me all day but once done, I stepped back and just felt thrilled. Our apartment looks like adults live here now. I decided to step to the front door and walk through the newly decorated apartment, eyeing the lovely silver picture frame that greets us at the door with beautiful crystal pillar candle holders on either side. Then walked back into the living room and then, to the piece de resistance the kitchen. Having left all the cabinets open, I leaned on the refrigerator door and smiled. Until Lil Burs walked in and pulled a Mikasa glass from the cabinet, crashed it down on the counter (it sounded loud, hence the use of the word – crash), filled it with water and left the room.

I closed my eyes and told myself to breathe. There is no special glasses in this house. So I let it go and moved on.

But the rest of the week I’ve found myself in a heart stopping mess. Though there was a shelf of what I labeled everyday glasses, Lil Burs decided she preferred the good stuff. And when she decided to cook, brand new pots got banged about as if toys.

I had to be talked down. And made to realise that these items – are just that items. And I’m happy to say that I’m no longer anxious about the items living there lives in our world.

Because I did move the Mikasa glasses out of reach for Lil Burs. I’m lucky that she’s all of 5 foot nothing which doesn’t make it that difficult. And those love crystal candle holders are in a box. Because they deserve to be treated special. I’ve reasoned this to myself and Burs by saying we spent so much time and money getting them here, they should be cared for.