This dish is called Toad in the Hole. And it is one of those dishes you here people reminisce about when talking about their childhood. They stem from this lovely pastry dish:

Those are Yorkshire puddings. Which I made on Tuesday. I know – you hear pudding and you think dessert. That’s like, the first thing Brits teach you – if you’re a non-British person – that desserts are referred to as pudding. And yet, what you see before you is more of a biscuit-like dinner roll. And it is yummy! Thing is, it is traditionally served with Sunday roasts. Why? I presume because most people only have Sundays to lavish long hours for dinner.

But I can do it any time of the week! (And that meat was a pork roast which took two hours to cook btw.) Which is what lead me to my first bash at making yorkies (that’s what those of us experts call it). Once they were devoured (they were so good Lil Burs took two to school for lunch) I began to think about when I could make it again.

Which lead me to the Toad in the Hole for Friday night dinner. I followed Jamie Oliver‘s recipe and it was great! Burs and I nearly gobbled it all up (with a sad looking Lil Burs watching with teary eyes. We’re not denying her food – she has a sour stomach and wouldn’t have been able to keep it down).

I was so proud of cooking (baking really) that I decided to throw my hat in to making Macarons. But then I picked up the recipe book that Burs got me from Laduree and was instantly deflated. No way, my kitchen attempt will ever be as good as the yummy lil morsels they turn out there. But not to be defleated, I decided to bake some Whoppie Pies. That surely I could do!

I was wrong. That’s suppose to be poised on top of the cream not sliding off of it. But it wasn’t entirely my misdoing. I made the call of following a US recipe because, after all, the treat stems from there. However, a few of the ingredients aren’t that easy to come by in London (corn syrup and vegetable shortening) which lead me to substituting items according to what Wikipedia suggested. So though the cakie-cookie came out lovely, the filling never got stiff; it’s more of a sauce then a marshmallow consistency.

Oh well. I’ll be more than happy to try again! Because in the end, I was right all those years ago when I told my mom that I’d learn how to cook like she did – once married. And I’m finding that I don’t hate the stovetop nearly as much I once thought.

Though, to tell you the truth, I think having A. great cook wear and B. a dishwasher (and no, I don’t mean Lil Burs – she’s the dish unloader ;-)) makes it far more enjoyable.