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I have to thank Lil Burs for igniting this new found love I have for sewing.

After watching Pretty in Pink, I decided I wanted to design clothes. I’d sit around and try to sketch out patterns. Then I’d outfit my Barbie in discarded, then redesigned socks based off my sketches.

At some point, I’m sure, I asked to learn to sew. Which was met by the statement “That’s something you can learn when you’re older.” Which translates to “We’ve already thrown shit-loads of money into you, that’s something you can learn on your own dime.” So, it never happened. Eventually it simply drifted-away, only to reappear whenever I’d write a list of Things to do before I die. 

Early on in my relationship with Lil Burs, she’d go on and on about how she wanted a sewing machine. Similar to my younger self, she’d spend quite a bit of her Saturday making clothes. Rather than using Barbie, she preferred her stuffed bears – who were outfitted in far more adventurous wear than I ever dared create (she made her stuffed bear a three piece suit). Eventually hand sewing grew tiresome for her and she wanted a machine for Christmas.

Thing is, bringing a machine into the house when none of its inhabitants knew anything about sewing, seemed like a really bad idea to me. I foresaw endless unanswerable questions being flown the adults way. And seeing as how I’m one of those adults, I stepped in and offered a slightly different approach.

Sewing classes.

Of course, in my search for sewing classes for kids, what I found was that there wasn’t very many of them. But there were loads for adults. And then from the recesses of my mind, the desire to learn to sew was reignited.

I’ve been at it several months now and am getting pretty good. My school of choice is Ray-Stitch in Islington. It’s a cute fabric shop that has a lovely space downstairs where they offer classes. And it is where, I’ve had my hand at making a tote, pillow, a skirt and some undies, while eating some tasty snacks and drinking lovely wine.

Not only is it just good fun to get to learn to sew, you get to sit around with some gals and shoot the shit. Or, you know, chat, for an afternoon.

In my last class, which was about learning essentials – like piping and putting in darts – I learned that quite a few of my classmates, who are just as inexperienced as I am, were already making their own dresses or creating outfits for their lil darlings. Which has made me see that I’ve been far too reserved with this new hobby.

I’m bounding forward and will show you how I fair in my next attempt to make a skirt on my own. I’ll keep on taking classes. Next one is to make a man’s shirt. I’m thinking it may look a bit like this in the end:


And I’m sure Burs will love it just the same.