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Ta da!! Here is the results of my first solo project!

This lovely A-line skirt took me four days to put together. And you should know, I cursed up a storm while doing it. Luckily, I was home alone most of the time and that is as it will always need to be for me to get these projects done. There was a point where I had the dining table covered in the pieces of pattern and fabric; zippers, thread and scissors  strewn all over the couch, the ironing board planted in the middle of the room and loud classic french playing in the hopes to calm me down. (Not to worry the lil one wasn’t roaming the street homeless. She had the pleasure of a double sleepover. And the mister was away on business.)

Now I’ve already made another skirt while in class but I needed a project I could do on my own.

And I was told that this pattern was easier than the first one I’d done. This pattern is actually for four different styles of skirts: an A-line, a waisted apron style, an A-line with apron overlay and layered A-line. Which means I’ve got three more to do (and better really love A-lines).

The easiest being the simple A-line. The difficulty in making it was that there was a lining and a zipper.

If you were to look at it closely, you’d notice that the zipper isn’t all that straight. The hem of the lining also went a bit cock-eyed but that isn’t going to stop me from wearing it. And telling anyone who comes in speaking distance to me that I made it.