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The idea that you’re going to automatically love and get along with someone you’ve never met because you’ve given birth to them, has always interested me. It’s suppose to be just a given that you’re going to get along. But, in life, not every body does.

I think the same can happen even if the person is a part of your gene pool.

Which is why, when I came across this book above, I knew it was going to become my must send gift to all newly knocked-up women I know. I brought the book above for Caraballo, who thought it was odd since she’s not a typical Astrology person. And both her and her partner think the ‘Astrology thing’ is a bit of make believe whooey.

Until they decided to read it. They read their birth signs first, as most people do and once you see the characterisation similar to how you were when young, you’re a little bit more likely to give a little credit to the book.

I’m not the sort of person that puts a great deal of belief in the forecasts written in newspapers or magazines. Astrology, in my opinion, should be used as a guidance to the structure of peoples makeup and how you might get along with someone of another sign. I figure a relationship with two head-strung people must be difficult because no one is ever willing to give way to the other. Or one person being very practical and realistic while the other is dreamy-like and fanciful. Sounds like trouble to me.

Then there’s also people who love to eat versus fussy eaters, sleepers versus night owls, punctual people versus spontaneous folks, and so on. Seeing as how a new life is a blank slate, taking into consideration what the effects the month and the time of day may have on that little bundle of cells and blood vessels makes sense to me. Which one would you prefer?

I, for instance, am a massive sleeper. I can drop down into a slumber at a moments notice. So what is important to me is a baby, that will also enjoy sleeping (seeing as how babies are babies. We’re all aware that the first six to twelve weeks or the whole first year, are just a random hodge podge of running around and hoping for a moments peace) . According to said book, babies that are Cancer (June 22 – July 23), Pisces (Feb 20 – March 20) or Taurus (April 21 – May 21) are great sleepers. Babies that Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20), Gemini (May 21 – June 21) or Aries (March 21 – April 20) prefer to keep the parties going all night long.

Caraballo’s son is an Aries and isn’t a fan of sleep; not naps or at night. That is my worse nightmare.

And so, with the announcement of three more friends currently up the duff (fun Britishism) and a few others in trying mode, I’ve become this book writers dream purchaser. And sure, it may be too late for those already with child, butfor others – like me – that’s still in a thinking mode, I think you can use this book to find the optimal birth signs that will work with you. For instance, I’ve never really gotten along with Gemini’s; some how the spilt person in their sign seems to have an effect on who they are as a person. The idea of having a Gemini as a child is frightful to me. Or Scorpios – Burs is one, as is Smith and I like to think since I get along with both of them so well (and can take their crazy plans and thought processes with a smile and a nod) then that is the sort of relationship I want with my child.

So thanks to that book and my experiences with certain signs, I’ve already gone through and decided the best months for me to have a baby and when not to. And yes, I’m aware this is all crazy talk because planning such things is laughable and I’m still on team debating if childrearing is for me. But the preposterous idea that I’ll have some control gives me comfort.

It’s obviously, not an exact science. But I think, with some semblance of a character frame up and doing your best in pre-birth planning, you can avoid fraught relationships with your little ones. Or, at least, learn not to fret too much if the lil bugger just doesn’t want to eat or is slow in having a desire to crawl.