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So just now, music was playing and I looked up from dinner and turned to Burs to say ‘Oh wow, this sounds just like the opening from Welcome Back, Carter, doesn’t it?!?’

I was greeted by a blank stare.

Today, loads of TV shows make it to the UK and thanks to BBC America, vice versa. But when it comes to things from the past, we’re usually at a lose. It isn’t that Scotland didn’t get shows from the states; he’s seen The Cosby Show (of course), Mork & Mindy, Moonlighting, Dallas and anything incredibly popular from the 70s. But such shows as 90210, The Golden Girls, Murphy Brown, Roseanne, Family Ties, A Different World, 21 Jump Street, The Nanny*; the sort of shows that are engrained in me and ready to be referenced at the slightest note heard, statement uttered, outfit worn, tends to not have the same memory spark for my partner.


Of course, the same can be said for me and things like Black Adder or Faulty Towers. Which I’ve sat through with nary a smile to be found on my face. (Not everything is written as well or is as funny as Absolutely Fabulous.) 

In the beginning we tried to expose each other to something they hadn’t been exposed to. We tried it out with comedians. It didn’t go well. He didn’t get all the race jokes from a Katt Williams routine and, once again, laughter wasn’t found on my end with any of the British comedians he showed me (so little effect they had on me that I can’t even recall names).

But we power on! I do my best to not point out that the sweater his friend was wearing must have been Dr. Seavers**. But when I recently made a joke about an acquaintances husband’s (possible) name being ‘A Pimp Named Slickback’*** he got it! And now when he does a whole funny walk thing, I understand where it originates from. It’s all a work in progress.

I get that we could have far more and worse cultural differences (though, I guess, we probably wouldn’t have made it this far if we did). And that being in a relationship is about growing together. Our continuing to find each other interesting enough to learn, avails us more TV watching time where we get to cuddle/snuggle-up on the couch. Which is a win, whether your laughing at what is on or bored out of your skull!

And we haven’t even started with movies yet! He’s never seen Say Anything, St. Elmos Fire, The Big Chill. The list goes on… 

*In my defense, The Nanny reference only comes in because the youngest actor on the show is in everything right now and I was explaining this. It wasn’t about viewing pleasure. Don’t judge! **This is from Growing Pains! And it was during the era where all TV dads wore horrible sweaters (see the Cosby Show). ***From The Boondocks. And seriously, this “acquaintances” husband is who Katt Williams used to develop the character.