Since January 25th, Lil Burs thirteenth birthday, a lot of what she says starts off with “Well, my friend…” Understand, that if it begins with that statement, nothing good is to  follow.

Of course, it’s to be expected. She’s 13 now. The start of her leaving the beautiful innocence of childhood behind and jumping head first, with a blindfold on, into the glossy glimmering idea of attaining freedom. Or the gleaming, uninformed ideology that teens hold on the idea of becoming an adult (before, you know, actually being an adult with the responsibilities, bills and commitments).

But the hardest thing has been how to share these funny experiences, via the blog, while she’s growing up and going through it. With the birthday, Lil Burs has flung herself not only into the rebelliousness of teenness but, also into social media. She’s on FB religiously, keeping a watchful eye on all that is said and done. So I took a moment to figure it out.

Then yesterday, lil miss came home with a third of her eyebrows missing. And the first thought was the blog, I just had to share the story (but sadly, without a picture. The pic below looks better than hers right now).

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 14.51.17

If you guessed that it began with “My friend…” then you’d be correct. And went on to explain she’d threaded off of her eyebrows. In between moments of laughter and telling her how incredibly ridiculous she looked, I discerned that 1. a friend who’s mom threads was giving a lesson to a group of girls, 2. each of them thought of practicing on themselves, 3. no one else went home missing the majority of their eyebrows – that honor is held by her.

And so, I’ve decided that these things need to be shared. One for sheer humors sake because it’s either laugh or slam your head into the wall. And, more importantly, as a future reminder for her. Because for the life of me, I can’t remember any of the backassward events from my teen years (though I like to think there weren’t any) unless I read past journals. And lil miss doesn’t keep a journal, so the responsibility remains with me.

I’m sure they’ll be far more tomfoolery to be had.